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Point-of-care equipment

Vepalabs offer a large range of point-of-care equipment to suit the needs of every clinic

In-house lab tests offer convenient and timely screening of patients both to help identify disease and to confirm a healthy status. Proudly Australian owned and operated- Vepalabs are committed to offering the best point-of-care testing options to suit the individual needs of each practice.

It’s important to put the following questions to your supplier of point-of-care diagnostics:

Any strings attached?

First and foremost, what are you being asked to sign?  Point of Care diagnostics is the single biggest growth opportunity in companion animal practice today. Are you signing away control of this opportunity to another company? It’s very important to consider just why you’re being offered low costs, or even no-cost analysers. How many consumables are you being forced to purchase? Over how many years? Does the offer mean that you’re restricted to one brand of analyser for every element of testing?  Are you being tied to an external lab as well?

At Vepa, we have a no-strings attached approach. The diagnostic business is yours to grow with no contract to sign. You own the machines from day one and can do as many or as few tests as you wish. You are not limited to one brand of machine either. We have partnerships with major international manufacturers and can offer you the best solution for each category of testing. For example, one manufacturer’s Chemistry Analyser might suit your practice very well, but their Haematology Analyser is not cost effective for you. With Vepa, you can pick and choose and create the perfect customised laboratory suite. You are not tied into a brand, a consumable contract, a lab, or any other conditions that would limit this growth opportunity.

Testing volumes

Just how many tests and what types are performed each day? What is the most cost-effective method for your volume of testing? This is important because some equipment is sold based on low running costs that really only apply when performing large volumes of testing. This applies particularly to haematology. Many veterinary practices would not benefit from these economies of scale, and an alternative solution that seems more expensive per test can actually work out to be the least expensive option. Ignore any claims of running costs until they are calculated on your testing volumes.  Here at Vepa we’ll let you know the true running costs of an analyser when it’s running in your practice.

Flexibility of testing

How easy is it to run individual tests versus panels? Or can you run both? Some Analysers, Chemistry Machines in particular, force you to run a whole panel of tests for each patient. This makes serial testing or monitoring of a just few parametres very expensive. These analysers are typically easier and quicker to run but they will cost you more. We’ve solved this challenge with analysers that can test both comprehensive panels and single or dual tests.

Service and Support

The true cost of diagnostic analysers must include on-going service and support costs, long after the manufacturer’s warranty has run out. Make sure you ask just how well you’re going to be looked after down the road. How expensive are any “Service Plans” and just what do they include?  Will you still be able to get routine support if you don’t’ sign up for one of these plans?  At Vepa we believe we have the best service and support in the industry.  It starts with 24/7 support 365 days a year. Yes, we will answer the phone anytime, day or night.  We are proud to support our emergency and speciality practices with the care and attention they need. It doesn’t end with the warranty either; We are licensed to carry out repairs in Australia, during and after warranty, which means we make the call on what’s covered and what isn’t and we always base decisions on what’s best for your practice.

Call us today on 1300 VEPALAB for a friendly no-obligation discussion about how we can help you grow your practice with point-of-care diagnostics designed for you!

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