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What makes a good deployment plan? YOU DO!

We're always looking at new ways to improve our processes to ensure that our equipment deployments are efficient for your team.

Many clinics arrange to receive more than one new analyser. This means there is a lot to absorb on the day and it’s important that we plan for the day properly.  We will call you to schedule the actual time and go through the requirements in detail at least a week or two beforehand. You’ll usually need to block out a few hours, and you’ll have some things to check – such as the location of the new equipment, the proximity of a network port, the ordering of stock  (some of which will need refrigeration on arrival) and the availability of staff.

The availability of staff is most important. We need to make sure that key people are rostered on for the training and they’re able to participate fully without too many distractions.  We do understand that you also have the practice to run, so we are very flexible and can accommodate after-hours training in the evenings if that works best for you, as well as multiple training sessions to make sure that everyone is confident in the use of the new machines. Please ensure that your Practice Manager and at least one Veterinarian also participates in the training. This is particularly important if your deployment includes a Haematology Analyser that our partners, Helena Laboratories, are responsible for.  Helena like to review the analyser’s testing methodology with you, its specific reference ranges and the differences between in-house and external laboratory testing that you might experience.

Change is always a challenge, that’s for sure. The main thing to be aware of is that deployment day isn’t going to be a “normal” day, but it doesn’t need to be too stressful either. 

"Taking some time to plan the day and organise the people will reduce stress and ensure that you get maximum benefit from your new laboratory analysers from day one."

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