TOSOH AIA-360 Analyser

TOSOH AIA-360 Analyser

Endocrinology / Immunology

The TOSOH AIA-360 Analyser offers the automation power and performance of a large analyser in a benchtop format. Random access allows any combination of tests, in any order at any time and a throughput of 36 results per hour, with the first results in 20 minutes, ensures a fast, reliable service.

The unit is lightweight at 30kg with touchscreen intuitive menus, extremely simple to operate, will accept a variety of primary tubes with positive patient identification as well as positive test cup ID to eliminate errors and has dual clot detection to maintain result integrity.

Key Assays Available:

  • Free T4
  • Total T4
  • Cortisol
  • Progesterone
  • ACTH *
  • Insulin *
  • And more...
  • * Assays in Validation

Operational Simplicity

  • Place the samples/cups on board and press 'START'
  • Touch screen menus
  • Automated maintenance


  • On board storage of results with export possibilities
  • Real-time printing for fast result previews


  • Adapted to low volume use
  • Long reagent shelf life
  • Normal values available *
  • * for some assays, others in development


  • Positive identification of samples and reagents
  • Quantitative measurement
  • Simple maintenance
TOSOH AIA-360 Analyser