Epoc Analyser

Epoc Analyser

Blood Gas, Electrolyte & Critical Care

When you need fast, affordable, reliable answers in-clinic.

The next generation of handheld veterinary critical care analysers. The Epoc is the first wireless veterinary Point of Care testing solution to use Smart Card technology. It provides immediate blood gas, electrolyte and critical care biochemistry results and provides lower system and consumable costs than other leading portable critical care analysers.

Perfect for Critical Care Centres:

  • The epoc BGEM Test Card is a blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite panel consisting of the following:
  • Measured analytes: pH, pC02, pO2, Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, Glu, Lac, Hct, Cre
  • Calculated values: cTCO2, cHCO3-, BE(ecf), BE(b), cSO2, cHgb, Anion Gap

Key features include:

  • Room temperature storage of cards
  • 100 ul sample volume
  • Integrated calibration & quality checks
  • Can input all patient vitals, temp, BP etc
  • New parameters continually being developed
  • Bar-code smart cards for error free use
  • Easy to use touch screen technology
  • Results in 30 seconds
  • Completely portable with rechargeable battery
Epoc Analyser