RT-4010 Urine Analyser

RT-4010 Urine Analyser

Measure the protein-creatinine ratio (UPC)

It’s lightweight, small and mobile.

Specifically designed for dogs and cats, the RT-4010 can quickly and easily measure the protein-creatinine ratio (UPC) in urine. This test item is a very useful marker for the early detection of renal disease.

Displays urine protein-creatinine ratio (UPC) in five levels

  • Screening of proteinuria is possible without being effected by dilution or concentration of urine. UPC has strong correlation with gross protein discharge.

Device & reagent for animals

  • Measurement is possible in two modes for dogs and cats, which can be switched easily beforehand.

Streamline work by saving steps

  • Performing visual inspection with this instrument saves time and possible human error in reading strips manually.

Palm-sized metre

  • Printer is detachable from the meter, increasing the mobility inside clinics.

Multiple functions

  • The small body is packed with features such as coloured urine compensation and temperature compensation.

Easy operation and maintenance

  • The operation is simple. Just press the start key and place a test strip on the meter. Maintenance work is also minimised.


  • GLU, PRO, ALB, BIL, CRE, pH, BLD, KET, NIT, LEU (in dogs), UPC (urine protein creatinine ratio).
RT-4010 Urine Analyser