Stat Profile Prime Plus

Stat Profile Prime Plus

Critical Care Blood Gas Analyser

New Technology Simplifies Use and Offers Additional Tests.

Results as Fast as 60 Seconds! The most comprehensive blood gas analyser available for Australian Veterinarians!

Stat Profile Prime Plus is a comprehensive, whole blood critical care analyser that combines blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, co-oximetry and 32 calculated results in a simple, compact analyser. The analyser has new replaceable cartridge technology for sensors and reagents with maintenance-free, non-lysing whole blood co-oximetry technology.

Prime Plus results are produced very rapidly, one complete test menu panel every minute, and are combined with bi-directional connectivity and a powerful onboard data management system.

Nova MicroSensor Card Technology

Most comprehensive critical care menu:

  • PO2
  • PCO2
  • pH
  • Hct
  • tHb
  • Na
  • Cl
  • K
  • TCO2
  • iCa
  • iMg
  • Glu
  • Lac
  • SO2
  • O2HB
  • COHb
  • MetHb
  • HHb
  • tBil
  • HbF

All Stat Profile Prime Plus biosensors use proven Nova technology in a miniaturised, maintenance-free sensor card format. Nova MicroSensor cards combine all 22 whole blood assays including co-oximetry.

Important New Assays

  • Urea (BUN), Creatinine, and eGFR

Ionised magnesium (iMg)

Disruptions in the balance of iMg, Na, K, iCa can cause cardiac arrhythmias, reduced cardiac contraction, and cardiac arrest. Stat Profile Prime Plus is the only blood gas analyser to provide a comprehensive profile of electrolytes including iMg.

Co-oximetry test menu

  • O2Hb
  • COHb
  • MetHb
  • HHb
  • THb
  • fetal Hb
  • Tbil

Clot Protection

Prime Plus’s unique Clot Block™ sample flow path protects sensor cartridges from blood clot blockages.

Stat Profile Prime Plus